What is Alpha?

Alpha is a practical introduction to the Christian faith, aimed particularly at non-churchgoers, people who are not familiar with Christianity, as well as new Christians and all who are curious. The course consists of 15 sessions and is running in over 163 countries worldwide, in homes, prisons, universities, schools, and churches of every Christian denomination.

What is Student Alpha?

Student Alpha has been tailored especially for university students – it’s a ten-week course that contains the same material as the Alpha course, except that it’s been ‘squeezed’ (into ten weeks), ‘squashed’ (into 30-minute talks) and ‘spiced’ (with multimedia ingredients).

Over the last 10 years Student Alpha has proven to be one of the most effective tools for university students and young adults to explore the Christian faith, with over 600 courses now running worldwide. Its simple format has seen courses run everywhere from churches and halls to McDonalds restaurants, curry houses and night clubs.