How long does a typical student alpha course run?
Student Alpha is a 10 week course. One meeting usually lasts about 2h.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend?
The aim of this course is to introduce and inform everyone. Even if you have never been to church, consider yourself an atheist, or already belong to another religion.

Is there a membership fee?
Student Alpha’s budget consists of donations from people who consider this course to be worth it. Often, donors are ordinary students - those who themselves have experienced all the beauties of Alpha course. Nevertheless, if you feel like it, you can surely support Student Alpha by donating for the further development of the course.

Can I join if I have missed the first time?
However, if you miss the first sessions, it will be much harder for you to fit into the discussion groups. As well, without hearing the first topics, you may find it difficult to understand the following ones. Each session is like a piece of a puzzle that you will later on be missing.

Can I participate if I don’t study at the moment?
Student Alpha is aimed at students and recent graduates, starting from the age of 18.
There are also courses organized for adults as well as for youth. See www.alfakurss.lv/node/400 and choose the one that suits you best.

Do I have any commitments if I attend the first session?
Alpha course is an informative and fellowship based event. Anyone can feel free to come and leave as they like.

Why Student Alpha lasts only 10 weeks? Are there some topics that are cut out?
The course is ten weeks long so that it fits into a university term, which tends to be about ten weeks. We have ‘squeezed’ the talks down by merging some of them together and highlighting the most important. As a result, students can get a quick insight into all the topics.